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Mobile Repairing

Mobile Repair Service

Do you need a quick repair of your mobile? At your home or office, then you are at right place. We are specialists in mobile repairing service and provide professional, affordable and fast mobile repairing services at your doorstep. At RepairRaja our professional experienced technicians in the field of mobile repair are always ready to help you with your mobile just a few hours and make it like new. Our technicians who have years of experience in repairing mobile phones of all major brands. Our technicians follow the standard procedure to repair your mobile and ensure that your mobile doesn't have any issues when we deliver to you.

Most of the repair shops would send off your mobile broken screen repair to a service like - ours, so why not go straight to the source? We offer all kinds of mobile repairing services like cracked screen, camera, battery, and mic, receiver, charging port, speaker, proximity sensor, aux audio jack & more at reasonable price. We also offer pick & drop service for your convenience.

We use 100% Genuine & authentic Parts for your mobile repair. To guarantee quality and dependability, we test every one of our parts before we use them in mobile repairing. All of our mobile repair services come with a warranty, so you could rest easy even after the repair has been carried out. We provide 6 months warranty on all our mobile repair services.

Our Mobile Repairing Services Include:

Mobile Screen Repair

Touchscreen or LCD broke? Don't worry, our technician performs the screen replacement within 50 minutes if we've an LCD screen of your smartphone model. To induce this task quickly, talk over with us before reaching our shop; so, we are able to get the screen of your mobile model. This way, it slow are saved.

Battery and Charging Issues

Over time, mobile batteries aren't any longer working optimally. Having the identical issue along with your mobile battery? Does it discharge quickly? RepairRaja can repair it or replace the battery within half-hour.

Software Update

Want to upgrade your smartphone OS version? Experiencing delays, unwanted bugs, hanging issues? Our technicians performs the software update, reset the software & fixes the bugs. Bring your faulty phone at our store and acquire all the problems fixed quickly.

Water Liquid Damage

Is your mobile plagued by liquid damage? Is your phone plunged into the water? Don't worry, we are able to even repair the devices which are damaged thanks to water. However, it should take time to repair the problems as we want to spot the problems within the circuits.

Camera and Flash Light Issues

Camera quality is reduced? The flashlight doesn't work properly? Bring your phone to our shop and let our technicians fix the problems as quickly as possible.

Wifi and Signal Connectivity Issues

Couldn’t get good signal quality of WiFi? We perform diagnostic to search out the difficulty and fix it so, your signal quality won't bother you again while talking or watching HD videos.

Speaker and Microphone Issues

Having issues together with your microphone while talking? Doesn't your speaker generate quality sound like before? We do check and fix the problems. Just in case of replacement, we will do this too.

What is Mobile Repair ?

The course is intended to develop the limit of independent work in the field of portable handset fixing. The course incorporates Generations of cell phones, parts utilized in versatile handsets, cell phone equipment investigating (water harm, hang, charging issues, network issues, power disappointment, keypad issues and so forth), establishment of programming, blazing, utilization of mystery codes, PC based symptomatic apparatuses.

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offers a variety of services in Telangana, including
  • Mobile repairing
    • Cracked Screen Repairing
    • Battery Repairing
    • Mic Repairing
    • Receiver Repairing
    • Charging Port Repairing
    • Speaker Repairing
    • Proximity Sensor Repairing
    • Aux Audio Jack Repairing
    • Mobile Phone Diagnosis Repairing
    • Back Camera Repairing
    • Front Camera Repairing
    • Vibrator Repairing
    • Mobile Heating Problem Repairing
    • Earpiece Receiver Repairing
    • Sim Tray Replacement Repairing
    • Sim Card Related Issues Repairing
    • Headphone Socket Repairing
    • Network Issues Repairing
    • Back Panel Repairing
    • Software Problem Repairing
    • Volume Button Repairing
    • Home Button Repairing
    • Power Button Replacement Repairing
    • Frame Housing Repairing
    • Fingerprint Scanner Repairing
    • Broken Screen - High Quality Repairing
    • Crome Repairing